Email to Users WordPress Plugin

Email to Users plugin used to notify blog users about new posts and pages. You can also send custom email. Well formatted email with nice email template. Email to user groups like subscribers, authors, administrator etc. Woocommerce products email notification to users.

Plugin features:-

  • Post notification to users
  • Page notification to users
  • Woocommerce products notification to users
  • Custom Email to users groups
  • Custom Email to individual users
  • Users can unsubscribe emails
  • List of unsubscribed users
  • Re-Subscribe option
  • Mail2users meta box for all type of posts
  • Nice Email template
  • Multiple Email Template
  • Easy to use

How it works:-

Notify users about post and page

  • Goto add new post/page
  • Create your post/page
  • Before publishing select user groups from right sidebar

Custom email to users

  • Goto Mail to users in menu
  • select users or user roles from right sidebar
  • compose email and send